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Accelerating HUF transfers


Dear Client,

Please be informed that as of July 2012, favourable changes are expected in the execution of HUF transfers. This is a consequence of launching a new, more up-to-date transfer system, aiming to accelerate the transfers between the clients of two banks.

Currently, the funds transferred between two domestic banks arrive from the debtor to the beneficiary on the next banking day following the transfer. However, in the future, if you give us your domestic HUF transfer instructions electronically (internet, electronic banking system or telephone but not by fax) within the period published for same-day execution, then the funds will be transferred on the same day. Therefore, compared to the current situation, the domestic HUF transfers will be executed one business day earlier. This way, the funds transferred by you will arrive more quickly to the beneficiary – generally within 4-5 hours –, and the money sent by others will also be available to you sooner.

The new system will be launched on 2 July 2012. We will provide our clients with the most important information before the launch.

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