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Visitors information on the application of cookies (Cookie Policy)


By accessing the websites operated by Erste Bank Hungary Zrt., if it is allowed in the settings of the browser used by you (visitor), or if you approve it explicitly upon your first visit to the site, the website may automatically save information from your computer or device (tablet, smartphone, wearable smart devices) used for browsing and may place so called computer cookies or similar programs on it.

The cookie is a file (that may be) put on the computer or another device used for browsing when the visitor is visiting a website. Cookies have several functions and they can be used for many purposes, such as:

  • collecting information about the visitor and their device,
  • remembering the visitor’s individual settings,
  • (they can be) applied while making online transactions, or
  • (they can be) applied to optimise advertising content on the website and on other websites.

In general, cookies and other similar programs make it easier to use the website, facilitating the website being turned into a real web experience and an effective source of information for visitors, ensuring the supervision of the website’s operation for the operator of the website, preventing misuse and ensuring the provision of the services offered on the site without interruption and at an appropriate level.

Accepting and approving the application of cookies is not mandatory. In the settings of your computer or other device used for browsing, or in the settings of your browser used for accessing the website, you can refuse the application of cookies, but in this case, without cookies, you will not be able to fully use all functions and services of our website, nor will Erste Bank be able to guarantee you the full-scale utilisation of the website without the application of such cookies.

By using cookies, we shall record and control the following data regarding you and your computer or another device used for browsing:

  • the IP-address used by you,
  • the type of browser,
  • features of the operating system of the device used for browsing (such as type, set language),
  • exact date/time of visit,
  • address of the previously visited site,
  • visited site, sub-site, function or service used, the time spent on the site.

Please be informed that these cookies alone cannot identify the visiting person.

The data related to using the website shall be retained for 6 months in the interest of the website’s operation by Erste Bank and its partners contributing to the operation (MEC Magyarország Kft., Wunderman Kft., Zrt.) and the data will be deleted or anonymised upon the expiry of this term. The data recorded can only be accessed for the above purposes by the staff of the operator. The transmission of the data recorded is only allowed in the cases, for the purposes and to the authorised persons specified by law (typically for criminal investigation and national security purposes). Anonymised data related to using the website can be used for statistical purposes.

Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. shall use the cookies and other similar programs for the following purposes:

  • to tell whether you have already visited our site and which sub-sites or other Erste sites you have visited, what functions and services you have used, what information you have inquired about, and in which ones could you be most interested. Accordingly, we basically use these cookies to collect information in the interest of providing an even better and higher quality user experience and to develop our website.
  • to make your navigation around our website easier and to make it easier for you to use various functions and services accessible via our website, thus granting you a seamless user experience.
  • to optimise the advertisements presented, and to find out how the advertisements, other methods of using advertising services and interactions with advertisements and advertising services connect to visits to our website.
  • and finally to place on our website or on other websites the targeted advertisements in which you are most probably interested.

Some these cookies are absolutely necessary to enable users to browse our website and to use its functions fully and smoothly as well as the services offered there. These are known as session cookies, allowing, among other things, the operations made by the user during the visit, at a given site, function or service, to be remembered. These cookies are only valid for the current visit and, by finishing the session or closing the browser, this type of cookie is deleted from the computer automatically, provided that its settings require doing so.

Another type of cookie is known as a persistent cookie, allowing us to remember the data and other information (e.g. access identifier) given by the visitor, so that you do not need to record it again when you visit or return to the site next time. These cookies remain on the computer of the visitor or in its browser until deletion by the visitor.

Performance cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website. These cookies collect information such as which page or sub-page has been visited by the user, where they clicked on that page, how many pages or sub-pages they visited, what other pages they visited, for how long they stayed on the given pages etc. The aim of all of the above is to develop and optimise our website and its functions and services in order to improve the user experience and providing seamless services of the appropriate quality.

The cookies we use, as well as what are called advertising or targeting third party cookies from our advertising partners, are aimed at providing our visitors more effectively with relevant and important advertisements on our website and on our partners’ websites in which they are especially interested; in certain instances, these cookies are used to measure the success of our advertising campaigns. These cookies alone cannot identify the visitor’s person; they only collect information such as which page or sub-page has been visited by the user, where they clicked on that page, how many pages or sub-pages they visited, what other pages they visited etc.

We also use cookies and codes built into your computer or another device used for browsing (tablet, smartphone, wearable smart devices) or into the electronic mails we send you - if you have given your prior consent to receive such mails - allowing us to trace your activities on our website or after opening our electronic mail, for the purpose of placing relevant and important advertisements in which you are especially interested on our website and on our partners’ websites, and to send you electronic mails regarding such adverts to attract your attention or to remind you.

There are also links on the website originating from and pointing to external servers independent from Erste Bank. The service provider of these links may be able to collect user data because you connect directly with its server (and potentially to control such data in the territory of countries that do not qualify as safe third countries with regard to the data control), which is completely outside Erste Bank’s influence, and therefore we do not assume any responsibility for this type of data collection implemented with your approval until you withdraw and block or delete the cookies. These external service providers may also use web beacons related to measuring user habits and the advert serving for information collection purposes.

Third party cookies and other similar programs used on our website:

  • remarketing, e-DM retargeting and display/banner retargeting and search remarketing services from Google AdWords,
  • Google Analytics services (e.g. remarketing, Google Display network display reports, or demographic and interest reports from Google Analytics),
  • visual advertising functions based on the DoubleClick cookie,
  • Light Reaction Real Time Bidding solution,
  • Facebook Website Custom Audiences technology.
  • visual and text advertising functions based on the Gemius cookie

Click here for the data protection principles of Google adverts.
Clickhere for more information on cookies in the Google Analytics service.
Read morehereabout Google’s cookie handling.
Clickhere for the data protection principles of Light Reaction ads. You can also block the service by clicking on the “Opt-out” link at the bottom of the page.
Clickhere for the data protection principles of Gemius ads.With the help of the Facebook Website Custom Audiences technology, visitors to our website and its sub-sites who are users signed in to Facebook will receive, after the visit, advertisements for Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. on Facebook. You can read more about this technology on the, and you can also unsubscribe there.
You can find more information about cookies and their functioning from the following sourcesor on the www.aboutcookies.orgsite.
You can find more information about the functioning of web beaconsfrom the following sources.
You can find more information about the functioning of tracking cookiesfrom the following sources.
If You would like to set or amend the placement of cookies on your computer or another device used for browsing, or change the settings of your browser used for accessing the website, including blocking the use or placement of cookies then you are free to do this, as all browsers, computers or other devices used for browsing allow cookie settings to be changed. The management of cookies can usually be done under “cookies”, found in the Data Protection settings of the Tools/Settings menu.
We would like to call your attention to and reiterate that, as the primary reason for placing cookies is to make using our website easier and to ensure a high quality user experience, blocking the application of cookies or deleting them may result in preventing you from using all functions and available services of our website fully and smoothly, or the website may function on your computer, other device or in your browser in a way other than was designed.Should you wish to learn more about amending browser settings, please refer to the manual or the help of the browser.

For the cookie settings of the most popular browsers, consult the following links:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge

Further information on the settings of the Google Analytics service:

After signing in your Google account, you can block the visual advertising functions of Google Analytics in the Advertising settings, and you can personalise the advertisements from the Google Display Network:

Visitors may access the browser add-on to block Google Analytics here:

Information on blocking Google interest-based ads can be found here: