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Environment protection


Environment protection

Put online in the summer of 2006, Erste Bank’s new headquarters (EuropeTower) has been furnished with thermal insulation in line with today’s building standards, equipped with sophisticated heating and cooling technologies with automatic control mechanism, and also fitted with a facility monitoring system. The bank has committed to improve energy efficiency in its new headquarters and branch network alike. The headquarters is equipped with motion sensor lighting, which turns off automatically. The operation and optimum positioning of the elevators is programmed to work in an economical and user-friendly way. During the night and weekends, the heating and air conditioning system works in energy saving mode: The temperature is adjusted to external temperature, but each office is equipped with manual controls to allow individual temperature setting. All workstations in the building have natural lighting, an important consideration in retaining employee health and also in ensuring lower energy consumption.

In order to reduce paper usage, Erste Bank has implemented the option ‘cash withdrawal without statement’ in its home ATM network.

To prevent huge volumes of waste from being produced, office kitchens in the upper floors of EuropeTower boast automated water supply, and discarded newspapers are collected by the employees once a month and offered to primary schools. Plans for a container for the disposal of batteries in the lobby of the building are under way, and ways of collecting plastic bottles is also being devised.

For employees riding bicycles to and from work the bank ensures two storage rooms, locker rooms with water facilities, promoting healthy and environment-friendly transportation.

Regarding its activities, general laws of environment protection are applicable for Erste Bank. Environment protection has no impact on the bank’s financial performance or standing.