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New smartphone trojan threat


Be aware of a variant of the Zeus trojan could pose a threat

If you are presented with a screen in your browser asking you to download the mobile application “Trusteer” while using our netbank service, then you’re computer is probably infected with the Zeus trojan. Downloading said application is offered via SMS, QR code or by typing a direct download link into your phone’s browser, but for the sake of your own security DO NOT DOWNLOAD it, otherwise your smartphone or tablet could be infected as well.

The message presented to the user usually lacks grammar or wording mistakes, thus it is very deceptive. The official “Trusteer” application is only available to download from iTunes or Google Play.

By sending the link, users are tried to be tricked into installing a variant of the bank data stealing ZitMO Trojan (Zeus-in-the-Mobile). PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL THAT PIECE OF SOFTWARE. The Bank never ask its customers to install any kind of software onto their mobile device either it is advertised as a security update or offered via SMS or QR code. For the sake of our customers safety it is important that you do not download and install application, but only from official vendor channels and stores; furthermore it is suggested not to change or alter your device’s default factory settings (i.e. do not root or jailbreak your device).