API – Digital gateway to a more effective way of business

We are offering a new view of the relationship between the client and the bank. We are opening up new space for partnership, comfortable trading and better quality services. Gain access to millions of clients in Hungary.

Save time with automated payment matching

Thanks to the banking API, incoming payments are matched with generated documents completely automatically. No paperwork.

Just imagine the savings on time and labour costs if you have tens or hundreds of transactions a day.

Provide easier services for your customers to manage their finances

Offer users of your application the possibility to input any accounting transaction without them having to log in to online banking.

Allow them to see the current balance and payment history on all of their accounts directly in your application.

We'll help you find the solution.

We provide you a user friendly environment, which is familiar to your Developers as well.

Our technologies are based on common standards

Common standards
We are using Rest APIs, JSON Payload and OAuth2 authentication.

„Hello world” answer in a few minutes
Our SDKs, examples and tutorials will be available in the most common languages.

Exact release plan - Be always prepared
We give you enough time between the announcements (version changes, upgrades, API specification changes) and the implementation of new releases.