Tervezett karbantartás / Planned maintenance

Tájékoztatjuk ügyfeleinket, hogy a magyarországi Erste Bank Csoport elektronikus rendszerein 2020. május 22. péntek 22:00 - 2020. május 23. szombat 06:00 óra közötti időszakban tervezett és ütemezett karbantartási munkálatokat végzünk, amely digitális szolgáltatásaink működését befolyásolhatja.


We hereby inform you that planned maintenance and development activities will be performed this Friday and Saturday on certain electronic systems of the Hungarian Erste Group, affecting the following dates and services: Between 10:00 p.m. on May 22, 2020 and 06:00 a. m. on May 23, 2020 the operation of digital services will be suspended.


Köszönjük a türelmet! / Thank you for your patience


Kattintson a részletekért! / Please click here for details

You are about to give access to your bank account for external, third party providers. These external parties could access to your bank account information and bank account history using an application developed and managed by them.


  • Please carefully read the terms and conditions of these service providers before making your decision and authorizing!
  • Please make sure you understand what the approval is exactly valid for!
  • Please make sure you understand why your data is necessary for their services!


Erste Bank will act in accordance with the applicable Privacy and Privacy Policy when handling your data.

Erste Bank will never disclose additional personal information (address, email address, telephone number) and banking transactions (eg credit details) on a given payment account to third party service providers on the API channel. However, you should be aware that your account history can in many cases lead to additional conclusions.