Please note that Erste Bank Hungary will perform scheduled maintenance and development activities on their electronic systems between 22:00 28.06.2019 and 8:00 29:06.2019.

During this period Netbank and MobilBank services will be suspended.

Furthermore, please note that we will perform planned and scheduled maintenance and development activities during the upcoming weekend - Saturday 29. July 2019 and Sunday, 30. July 2019. Operation of the Erste Retail NetBank, Corporate NetBank, Erste MobilBank and Electra applications will be suspended. The transactions initiated by Electra will be settled on Sunday, 30 June 2019. This maintenance and development works also serve your interest. For your convenience, we recommend that you schedule your financial transactions for any of the days before or after the service limitation.

This maintenance and development also serves your interests. Thank you for your patience and understanding.